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Top-up Credits

Nebula uses its own wallet for your credits that you'll need to top up and play - just like an arcade.

Nebula charges RM4.00 per hour of gameplay.


Your credits will then be automatically deducted based on your gaming duration.

For example : 1.5 hours of gaming = RM6.00

You can top up by going to our Top Up page. 


Playtime Set 1

RM 10

You get 

in Playtime Credits

Buy for RM10.00

Playtime Set 2

RM 36

You get 

in Playtime Credits

Extra 20% Credits

Buy for RM30.00

Playtime Set 3

RM 75

You get 

in Playtime Credits

Extra 25% Credits

Buy for RM60.00

Note :

  1. Credits are non-refundable, non-transferrable and can not be withdrawn after purchase.

  2. Credits have no expiry date. 


What happens when your credits are depleted in the middle of a boss fight?

No worries, Nebula lets you continue playing with an overtime allowance of up to RM10, so you can continue to carry your team.


However, you won't be able to start a new game session if your balance is negative, so the overdue amount will be deducted from your next top up balance. 


If you exceed the RM10 overtime limit, you will be disconnected from your game immediately. We will warn you when you're close to exceeding the RM10 limit. 


Can I still play without topping up credits?

Yes you can, you will just use the overtime allowance of RM10 if you're unsure about topping up. The next time you top up, we'll deduct your overdue amount for your new balance.


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