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Two Gamers

Hi, we're

We're here to help you play the latest games
from any device, anywhere.

No gaming PC.
No long downloads.

No game purchases.
Any device you have.

What is it

Coming soon to iOS and Android!


for Windows


for Mac


For Mac : Nebula requires ZeroTier to function. You can download ZeroTier here.

Select your game

Once you've signed up and downloaded our Nebula client, you're all set.

Login with your sign up email and Nebula will begin searching for games on our network and you can select your game.

*Can't find the game you want? Contact us here and let us know what games you'd like to play.


Select your PC

After selecting your game, Nebula will show you all the Host PCs that are ready to play from.

Select the PC you want and the game begins!

Cloud Save Enabled

If the game you're playing has the Cloud Save Enabled icon next to it, your game progress will be saved on our cloud automatically when you finish your session. 

You'll be able to start a new session on any PC and continue where you left off!


Become a Host
& earn with your gaming PC

Have a gaming PC yourself?
Host it on Nebula when you're not playing and earn a profit when players pick your PC to play from.

The more powerful your PC, the higher your earning power.

*This feature is still in private beta. Sign up and express your interest and be the first to know when this feature is ready!

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