Download the latest Node to start sharing your computer and start earning.

Download Node

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Download Node

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Download Node

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Setting up Nebula Node to supply

Step 1 : Click Download & Install


Node Windows requires your computer to have the Virtualization feature enabled to function. Click here to find out more.

Click on the 'Download Node' button for your respective Operating Systems.

(Node for Mac is coming soon)

Once download is finishes, double-click 'nebulanode-setup' to begin installation.


A secondary installation of Docker Toolbox will be prompted. It is essential to the functionality of Nebula Node so please install it with its default configurations.

Step 2 : Login & First time Setup

When setup is complete, you should be able to find Nebula Node on your desktop or alternatively, follow this path to find Nebula Node on your computer -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nebula\Nebula Node

Open Nebula Node and login to with the same Email and Password you used to register on our website.

Upon login, Nebula Node will take about 5 minutes to set up for the first time. 

Step 3 : Profit

Once the first time setup is ready, punch 'Start' for the magic to begin.