Requirements | Node Windows

Node Windows requires Virtualization enabled on your computer to function.

How to check if Virtualization is enabled

Hold CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Task Manager.


As highlighted above, identify if Virtualization is enabled or disabled. If enabled, you're good to go. If disabled, look at how to enable Virtualization below.

How to enable Virtualization 

The Virtualization feature requires you to enter the BIOS and manually enable it from there.

Please read through the steps once before your attempt.

Step 1 : Restart you computer

We're sure you know how to restart the computer. We believe in you.

Step 2 : Enter the BIOS

Upon restart, you need to press a specific key to enter BIOS

These are the common keys used to enter the BIOS :

F1      F2      F4      F7      F11      F12      DEL      ESC

The key for entering the BIOS varies depending on your BIOS manufacturer but one of the above should work. If you look closely when your computer restarts, the right key for entering the bios will be displayed for a split second at the bottom or top of the screen.

Once you hit restart and the screen goes black, we recommend spamming one of the keys above. Always works for us!

If the key you hit doesn't work, restart and try with a different key. If none of the keys above work, let us help!

Step 3 : Enable Virtualization

Poke around for the CPU Configuration setting (this may be sitting in the Advanced Settings tab) = usually labelled as CPU Configuration, Chipset, Processor or Northbridge.


Once you're in the CPU Configuration, poke around somemore for the Virtualization setting - usually labelled with intimidating fancy names like Intel Virtualization Technology, AMD-V, Hyper-V, VT-X, Vanderpool, SVM, Intel VT-d or AMD IOMMU.


Once you've found it, there should be an option to Enable or Disable it.

Enable it.

Step 5 : Save, Exit & Start Earning

Finally, Save & Exit the BIOS and your computer will start normally.


Voila! You are ready to start making a profit with Node Windows.

Hit us up here if you had any problems!


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