How Payouts work

You earn money by supplying your computing power through our Nebula Node application. With Nebula Node installed on your computer, our server can send tasks to your computer and you get paid for every task completed with respect to the Earning Power of your computer times the amount of time taken to complete the task.

To learn more about your Earning Power, see below.


Your profits will then be paid to your nominated account at the end of the week. Follow the instructions below to set up your Payout preference.

Step 1 : Signup and Download Nebula Node

Sign up for an account with us on the top right.

Download Nebula Node here.

Step 2 : Choose how you'd like to be paid

Click on your profile on the top right, and select 'Payout'

This will lead you to the Payout options page to let you decide how you would like to be paid.

For Malaysian Supply Users, you can opt for a direct bank transfer or PayPal.

For International Supply Users, only PayPal is currently available.

Earning Power

Your computer's Earning Power is calculated using the clockspeed (GHz) of your computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU). The greater the GHz value on your CPU, the greater the speed thus the greater your earning power.

Your Earning Power is the product of  your CPU's GHz value and our Render Rates for 1 hour.

Your Earning Power = (Your CPU's Thread Count) x (Earning Rate : MYR 0.06 / hour) x (1 hour)


But Thread counts are not perfect in calculating a computer's total processing efficiency and effectiveness because not all CPUs are the same. Two CPUs with identical Thread counts may not have the same speed due to a number of factors, however we are doing our best to refine our methodology to accurately calculate your Earning Power.


Feel free to give us feedback here on how you think we can improve.