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A peer-to-peer gaming marketplace

Want to play a game but your PC can't handle it? That's why we're here.

Nebula lets you access and play games from another gamer's library and PC.

Play any game from any device

Play Triple-A titles without a gaming PC. The game runs on the Host's PC, but you'll be controlling the gameplay from your device.

Instant gaming

No purchases. No long download or install times. Games are installed and ready to go from Host's PC.

Worldwide library of games

Access game libraries of gamers all around the world. All paid for and ready for you to explore.

Earn Money

Earn a profit with your game library and gaming PC by becoming a Host for other gamers.

The more powerful your PC is, the higher your earning rates. Same goes for the popularity of games you own.

. . . but can it run Crysis?

Yes. Yes, it can.

If you choose the right PCs to play from.

There will be Host PCs of every caliber to meet your gaming requirements. Just know the more powerful the PC, the pricier the rates to play on them. Likewise for the popularity of the game you choose.


VPN Secured

Choose the game you want and Nebula streams the gameplay through a secure connection from the host's gaming PC straight to your PC, tablet or even smartphone.

How would it work?

We're developing the prototype for you as quickly as we can, but here's a wireframe demo to give you an idea of what it might look like.

In a few simple steps, you'd be able to start exploring the game of your choosing.

Step 1

Browse through all available games and select your game.


Step 2

Then select the gaming PC that meets your gaming requirements.


Step 3

Click 'Play' and Nebula connects you to the Host PC.


Step 4



Step 5

Once you've quit the game, make your payment & you're ready to play again.

Your game progress will be saved on the cloud and you can start right where you left off on any Host PC the next time you play.


Now everyone
can game.

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